Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Strategies for Flickr hits

Lately i have been putting some effort into getting more visitors to my Flickr photostream and have come up with a strategy akin to Twenty20 cricket. In that fast form of the game the key to getting a good score is sustained and measured aggression, and thus so it is the same with Flickr. What do I mean well basically :
  • Take lots of photos obviously (though try not to take dozens of photos of the same tree as i used to do)
  • Make sure everything is well labelled, geotagged, put in a set et cetera
  • Put your images in groups, and don't be afraid to put them in a lot of groups. There are many groups on Flickr, often for the same subject and you don't know which one a potential viewer will use so put your image in all of them. 
  • But don't put everything in a group all at once. Some groups don't have daily limits and you could of course put 50 photos of weeds in there, but your photos will get lost in the mix (or just ignored). A better strategy is to put 5-6 photos of in that group day after day. You don't want to annoy potential viewers afterall!
  • If you do put your images in multiple groups try and vary the images. If someone typically visits 3 bus groups for example, if you put the same 6 photos in all 3 groups then the visitor is unlikely to visit your photos more than once. So mix it up a bit. Of course this can be difficult to organise sometimes.
  • Comment on other people's photos. If someone else has put a good photo then say so, and maybe then they will visit your photostream too and laugh at your efforts... i mean appreciate your work.
  • Embed your Flickr images in blog posts, this provides a handy link to your photostream (like below!) 
Any more useful strategies? Let me know!
Birmingham & Fazeley Canal @Aston