Monday, September 8, 2008

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the new web browser from Yahoo... no just kidding, Google of course. I installed it at work and had a little play. The new interface with it's take on tab browsing takes a little getting used to and of course everything renders correctly as its using the same rendering engine as Safari. I found a flaw with Google Chrome rather early, it supports scrolling down a page with the mouse scroll wheel but not back up! It also did not open right-click-searches in a new tab though that has been fixed now.

Does the world need another web browser, well with Google behind it its no doubt going to be a success. Their aim is to take market share from Internet Explorer but that remains to be seen as i suspect a lot of IE users are locked in for various reasons or don't care. The danger is Chrome will attract users from non-IE browsers and further Balkanise the "alternative".

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