Friday, February 22, 2013

Chromebook Pixel

The Chromebook is a great concept, as i mentioned before my Mum got one last year and for her its perfect. I'm not sure about Google's latest Chromebook however.

The Chromebook Pixel is a high-end laptop with a very high resolution screen with touch screen capability. Although Google will give you a terabyte of online storage to go with this baby (which does indeed look great) i can't help think if the Pixel is a bit misguided. You can do many things in the cloud now but a laptop in this bracket (which costs over £1000) is used by powerusers with their heavy duty Adobe and Microsoft application suites and the like. And Google say the Pixel is aimed at those powerusers.

Cloud applications have come a long way but are they enough for the sort of professional who can afford such a computer? Time will tell, it certainly has the wow factor. It will look great when opened at a meeting and begins to play a hipster video while the audience sup on their skinny lattes.

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