Friday, February 22, 2013

International Space Station - Haynes Manual (Book Review)

For years Haynes manuals were synonymous with home car repairs and workshops but in recent times they have applied their iconic design and approach to other topics too and they are among my favourite books these days.

Haynes manuals are excellent value books full of accessible information, their book on the development of the International Space Station is no different. Starting with Mankind's earlier attempts at permanent space stations through to the Mir the book then describes how the ISS was built up piece by piece and what every module does.

Missions to the ISS are also described and listed chronologically as the ISS was developed up until 2011. The number of nationalities who gone up to the ISS is very interesting and helps to show how little the ISS is mentioned in the mainstream media as everything genuinely goes very smoothly (things do go wrong occasionally) . Obviously the success of the ISS is a good thing but its a shame it is not written about more.

This wonderful book helps readdress the balance and is highly recommended. It has been written by Dr David Baker who worked for NASA for 25 years including time on the Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle programmes. For a video tour of the ISS see here.

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